Mother and Baby

Post Natal Assessment

A post-natal assessment, Mummy MOT, or mummy check are a variety of names that cover a comprehensive assessment following child birth. It’s suitable for all mums no matter how long ago you had your children. Our bodies go through some many changes while pregnant and during delivery. Sometimes we need a little help with the healing process.

This assessment will assess your 

  • Posture

  • Breathing

  • Pelvic floor muscle muscles

  • Abdominal muscle for a diastasis rectus

  • C-section scar assessment

  • Screen for any bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction.

Following the assessment you will be provided with a programme to meet your goals.

It’s suitable from 6 weeks post delivery onwards!

Cost £70 for Initial Assessment and Treatment.


"Feeling the need for a Mummy MOT, 13 years after the birth of my second child, Delinda helped me with my C section scar and has worked wonders! I have had recurring back/muscle pain since the C section. Delinda has helped me work on various exercises to strengthen my muscles and has even given me the confidence to start running! The acupuncture seemed very useful too. I would thoroughly recommend Delinda and would like to say a massive thanks, again"


"I started seeing Delinda after my second child. She is amazing she worked with me so much on getting my stomach muscles back together and they have come together so much more than I ever expected. I have been to her classes also and these are amazing. She has given me so much conference to start running again. Thank you so much!!"

"I went to Delinda for the mummy MOT just over a year after having my son and then started her Pilates classes. Both the physio and Pilates with Delinda are brilliant and have really helped me with improving my core strength and avoiding back pain. I’m now pregnant with my second and have continued the Pilates classes - I think this has massively helped me limit SPD symptoms which I had with my first pregnancy. Couldn’t recommend Delinda enough"