Terms & Conditions


All physiotherapy clients are required to have an initial assessment. Within this session an up to date medical history will be taken. When booking your initial assessment, you are consenting to a physical assessment. Depending on the area of your symptoms, you may be asked to remove your outer clothing to aid the assessment. Women’s Health assessment can include an internal examination. The decision to go ahead with this examination is your choice. You may bring a chaperone to the appointment if desired. Recommended treatment approaches, which may include manual therapy, acupuncture, taping and exercises. Clients can withdraw consent to assessment and treatment at any time.

Cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice incur a fee of £15, payable through BACS or PayPal. The option to cancel is available through you Cliniko booking confirmation.

Private Medical Insurance

The following private medical insurance companies are accepted, Bupa and AXA. Please contact your provider to get pre-authorisation, prior to commencing treatment. Bupa and AXA will be invoiced directly. Treatment is limited to 30 minutes session per condition, unless otherwise stated. 

All other providers must be paid for by the member and then claimed back from the insurer. You will be provided with a receipt for your records.


All face to face classes are booked directly with DGL Physiotherapy and Pilates, as a course. A health questionnaire will be required to be completed prior to attending.

Zoom classes are currently booked on a pay as you go basis. As with face to face classes a health questionnaire is required before you can attend. These classes are aimed at beginners/intermediates.

By booking onto a course of Pilates you are confirming you have read and accepted the terms and conditions. An invoice will be sent prior to the start of your course. Payment is required to secure your space. All payments and programs are non-refundable except for medical emergencies. If you choose not to continue with the next course of Pilates, you must advise your departure by midway through the course.

We reserve the right to cancel any class that has very low numbers and at short notice. We will advise any cancellation via email. It is the client’s responsibility to check their emails to ensure the class is going ahead that day. If we cancel the class, the client will not lose a credit.

DGL Physiotherapy and Pilates reserves the right to make changes to any classes, change instructors or cancel a class in short notice. However, we will try to give you enough notice ahead of time.

Please wear fitted and unrestricting clothing to allow your instructor to see how you are moving and help you more easily. Bare feet or socks are both suitable for classes. Please let your instructor know any changes, which may affect your ability to exercise prior to class.

Please note that at times we do use photos from our classes for advertising purposes and promotional purposes only.

During the classes you will be guided through the exercises at a suitable intensity for your body. All steps will be taken to minimise the risk, however it cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of exercise. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you accept that no action will be taken against DGL Physiotherapy and Pilates should an injury occur. If deemed suitable you will be advised on one to one session initially until suitable to attend a group setting.

Due to COVID 19 equipment can no longer be supplied due to infection control procedures. You will be asked to purchase the basic equipment, with your first Pilates course. Please bring your own mat to each session.

Data protection

When booking services with DGL Physiotherapy and Pilates you are consenting to your data being stored. This will include you contact details and medical history. This data will be stored securely through the Cliniko software and afterward for the legally required 8 years. You will be consenting to receiving email reminders and notifications. No payment information is retained on the Cliniko software. All information stored is protected under the Data Protection Act 1998.

By agreeing to participate in any service with DGL Physiotherapy and Pilates you hereby agree to accept the terms and conditions set out in this document. You acknowledge and agree that DGL Physiotherapy and Pilates does not have any liability for and damage or loss to a client’s personal property, which is brought to all clinic and class premises.

Before using any service, it is your responsibility to seek medical advice from a health professional (including those employed by DGL Physiotherapy and Pilates), that you are fit and well to attend. We are not liable for any actions or exercises you undertake. You are responsible for your own safety.

These terms and conditions may be subject to change from time to time without notice.