Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Woman Wearing a Scarf

Pelvic Health

Stress Incontinence ( leaking when coughing/ sneezing, during high impact activities)

Urgency ( rushing to the toilet)


Pelvic Pain

Painful Intercourse

Pregnant belly

Pregnancy and Post natal

Pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy

Low back pain during or after pregnancy

C-section scar issues

Diastasis Rectus

Post Natal Assessment

Women Stretching

Return to Activity

Advice on retiring to leisure and sporting activities

Strength and conditioning training for women


"Just wanted to thank you Delinda for putting me on the right path to the correct way to doing my exercises - I couldn’t have achieved the success I have without your guidance.  I would highly recommend you to anyone - as you showed me great respect and understanding. I valued your professionalism enormously"


Both Women’s Health and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy take place at the Floura Healthcare Clinic, in Bierton.

186 Aylesbury Rd, Bierton, Aylesbury HP22 5DT